Know About Aged Care Packages in Australia to Get the Most Out of Them

In Australia, financial assistance is given to older people who choose to remain in their homes, instead of residential homes, to receive care. Such support comes in the form of aged care packages.

Many appreciate this programme by the government, as it allows the elderly to still enjoy their day-to-day activities that they used to do, while receiving the clinical care, personal aid, and support services that they need.

What Is a Home Care Package?

Fundamentally, a home care package is a comprehensive combination of elderly care services to help immobile older people live comfortably in their own residence for as long as they can. They can apply for this package through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or the My Aged Care system.

Under a home care package, the local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) member and home care provider will help the resident decide on the type of care. Of course, the provider will be the one to manage and facilitate care.

Levels of Aged Care Packages

Home care packages in Australia are categorised into four levels to effectively meet the needs of different residents. These are:

Level 1 – people with basic care needs.

Level 2 – people with low-level care needs.

Level 3 – people with intermediate care needs.

Level 4 – people with high-level care needs.

To determine which level you or your elderly falls into, you have to meet with an ACAT member.

To date, there are more people who receive lower-level packages than those who need higher-level packages.

Obtaining a Home Care Package

Basically, the Australian government’s ACAT member will facilitate assessment to determine your eligibility for an aged care package.

Another way is to On this website, you will know your eligibility for aged care services; the types of aged care programmes available for you; the costs that come with such services; the service providers operating in your city; and other information, such as advocacy services and making complaints.


Generally speaking, the total cost of a home care package consists of the subsidy that the Australian government pays and your contribution. As for the former, its amount would be based on your package’s level and is paid to your aged care provider. See more here Arcare Glenhaven

According to the latest reports, the subsidies per care level are:

Level 1 – $8,000

Level 2 – $14,500

Level 3 – $32,500

Level 4 – $49,500

Though the maximum government contributions are expected to increase every year.

On your end, you will know the prices of aged care that you might have to pay by estimating costs, arranging for an income assessment, and knowing the provider’s costs. You can also go online and find a fee estimator to help calculate the amount you could be paying.

Getting Arcare Aged Care Packaged Services

At Arcare, team members collaborate closely with residents to help them make the decision on which programme is best for them. When providing these aged care packages, they implement a “relationship-first” approach, where developing trust between team members and residents is a priority.

During the process, residents can even choose specific individuals, who they deem appropriate. This ensures they are cared for in the best possible way.

Call Arcare today to facilitate a consultation and come up with the best aged care package for you or your elderly!