How to Screen a Prospective Property Manager in Brisbane

Investment properties can be lucrative businesses in Brisbane, QLD. But if managing a single rental property is already strenuous enough, how about handling tenant disputes, property maintenance, growth strategy, and property valuations for an empire that’s growing as opportunities arise? Yet, not everyone that’s titled property manager can address your best interests as you focus on other equally vital ventures. So, as you have discussions with Metrocity Realty Property Management in South Brisbane, what are the pain points you should have addressed?

Metrocity Realty Property Management in South BrisbaneEffective Communication

As a landlord, you need a property manager that clearly explains his financial strategies, decisions, tenant dispute resolutions, and marketing plans. Do not choose a professional that does not pick calls, and won’t address urgent issues in terms you can understand. Prospective tenants will also need a property manager that’s an effective communicator, and that’s vital for your business.

Hands-On Management

When you’re not directly involved in the management of your investment property, the last thing you need is a manager that takes the back seat. Does your prospective manager know when tenants are experiencing problems? How does he resolve the issue of property maintenance and repairs? The right manager has to know the real situation on the ground, and whenever there are issues, he’s able to quickly provide pragmatic solutions.

Management Skills

It may seem that every property manager has the skills for the job, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are specific skills that go with this type of work, such as marketing. When a manager is a poor marketer, they cannot effectively get the word out when there are vacancies, and that can substantially cut occupancy rates. There is also the requirement for financial reporting, which includes monthly financial statements, taxation issues, etc. Your property should be managed expertly for optimum profitability.


If you’ve decided to enlist professionals, such as Metrocity Realty Property Management in South Brisbane, that’s understandable, but have you considered that it may take substantial resources to keep your property in top form? That’s why you need a property manager that is able to balance between costs and quality to produce a preferable outcome. For example, is the manager able to form lasting relationships with affordable service providers such as plumbers and landscapers?


It’s preferable that you don’t entertain a manager that’s “green” and learning on the job. The good thing with the internet is that it’s got reviews you can turn to when you need to learn more about any service provider before hiring them. If a manager is good at what they do, you can find out what their clients are saying about them. Any reputable property manager should also have a functional website that features their portfolio.

When your investment property is not well-managed, you’re sitting on a gold mine, and that’s not desirable considering how expensive such acquisitions are. Choosing a professional such as Metrocity Realty Property Management in South Brisbane at, and screening them for skills and qualities for the job, has its own merits.

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